Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Distraction: It Will Cost You Everything If You Let It

 1) a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else
 2) an extreme agitation of the mind or emotions

I'm calling distraction out for what it is (Brittany Bradley's definition): A tool that interfere with one's character, used to deter your blessings.

Distraction Examples:
1) Your co-worker's personal business has infiltrated the work office. As you sit and discuss their business, your boss hears YOUR comments and now doesn't see YOU as the professional they hired you to be.

It was never your business to comment on someone's personal life at work. You getting out of character and being involved in the conversation was the distraction. Now, the promotion you were set to receive was postponed due to your character being judged. Distraction will cost you something.

2) You've set a goal of not using your credit cards in 2018. An emergency comes up, and you have to use a credit card. You get in your feelings about paying off the card, and when out shopping one day, you go over your budget of $50 and put the rest on your credit card (because you have to pay on that card anyways this month-the distraction). So now you find yourself more and more comfortable using your credit card until you've reached the credit limit. Distraction will cost you something, literally.

Listen, just because an emergency comes up, does not mean you throw the whole goal away. 

NEWS FLASH: Things will happen this year that will distract you from your goal, but does it really have to cost you your character? No, no it doesn't!!

2018 New Year are they coming along? Have you found a reason to not commit to something you desired less than 30 days ago? 

Let's go back to your goals you set. You set them because they aligned with the person you wish to become (in your marriage, finances, career, friendships, life experiences, education, devoted quiet time with God, and so on)!

When life comes at you fast in 2018:
1) Don't forget whose you are. If God is for you, no attack can win. Stay encouraged and do what you said you were going to do regardless of your current circumstances.
2) Think things all the way through, and pray about the decisions concerning the curveball you've been thrown. React to circumstances based off the instructions God has given you.
3) Get back in position, fast! This is the main reason most of us didn't conquer our 2017 goals. We set them. We tried. But we didn't know what to do once we got distracted. Reposition yourself, fast!

You're not defeated, you're distracted. 
As you remove distractions, your destiny will be released.

We're graced to get through anything that comes our way in 2018!

I'm rooting for you, and we're in this together!

Brittany Bradley

Saturday, December 23, 2017


Revelation: Maintain and take care of everything with excellence that I've already been blessed with (my husband, my daughter, my family, my friends, grad school, my home, my job, my blog, etc.). 

I truly believe there are certain blessings stored up for me that will only be accessible through constant consistency in 2018. 

"Maintain with excellence" is all I hear God saying for my life in 2018. Maintaining things and people I've been given in this season of my life will produce life changing inspiration, experiences, and opportunities. That's my promise from God. 

My focus will be giving more attention to what I've already been given, and being thankful for what I already have daily. 

I have reached a point in my life where I realize the importance of how to build. It's not about how tall "my building" will be, but the security (integrity, consistency, faithfulness) of the bricks laid row by row.

God is calling me to pay special attention to the bricks on this 2018 row of life. The NEXT ROW is dependent on the consistency I maintain during year 2018. 

The next "God idea" will come from my consistency of doing the very things God has already told me to do.
The next open door of opportunities will come from my consistency in the doors that God have already opened for me. 

I have a lot on my plate, and God's expectation of me this year is to maintain these blessings by being consistent in the areas he has called me to. 

My marriage will go to another level because of my consistency.
My parenting skills will be matched with God's unfailing grace because of my consistency.
I will maintain good grades in grad school because of my consistency.
My health, skin, and hair will be amazing because of my consistency in 2018. HA! Yes, Lord!
My friends and I will create new memories in 2018 because of my consistency. 
My finances will be better because of my consistency of budgeting, meal planning, tithing, and saving money in 2018. 

I'm not playing it safe in 2018, because I'm graced for this time of my life. 

I'm going hard in the area of consistency to get everything God wants me to have in 2018. I also understand that God does things through me so others are motivated, inspired, and blessed. I'm not slacking on myself or those connected to me in 2018. 

I'm praying that my transparency of my 2018 revelation encourage you to sit at the feet of Jesus to hear a direct word from him about what his expectations for you are in the new year!

God wants us to be our best and represent him well in 2018. I'm in it, to win it...FOR HIM!

I would love to hear what your 2018 goals or revelation from God are!! Please leave your responses below! 

Like always...we're in this together!!

Love, B 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Your Journey Is Just That...YOUR JOURNEY!

So lets just get straight to the point.

You not moving forward to achieve your dreams is a slap in God's face. He made you creative, ambitious, talented, caring, sensitive about certain things, resilient, and fun for a reason.

That desire you keep postponing because of every reason under the sun that you've made up, is a bunch of crap...

You see, I had just about convinced myself that I wasn't going to graduate school, especially after having my daughter. Seriously, when would I have the time? Who would keep her while I was in class, and my hubby was at work? When would I be able to work full-time, study, clean the house, date my husband, and have a social life? Like, how was I going to do it all?

Through the process of getting into grad school, and not knowing the logistics of how I was going to finish my degree...I am learning from my experience that grace makes room for God's plan in your life!

I truly believe that someone is waiting for every detail of their calling to drop into their laps. No, it doesn't work like that. You have to work for it. What I mean is that you have to take a step. When you take a step, you get step number 2. Some people are waiting to have a whole five year business plan, $500,000 in the bank, and two celebrities to follow them on social media before they do the very thing God has told them to do.

We have to stop this! I also believe some of us are afraid that because our situation doesn't look like others' situation when they did this or that....that we become stuck and don't push forward at all.

Examples of things we say are:

  • I don't live in a city where people will support my dreams like they do hers. 
  • She don't have kids, that's why she's able to travel like that and I can't. 
  • She's young and has a husband, that's why she's able to do this or that! 

STOP! Just stop it! Death to comparison!!!!

I'm just here to remind you that your journey to God's plan for your life, is just that...YOUR JOURNEY! How someone else accomplished their dreams, isn't going to be your blueprint for how you will accomplish yours! Make moves IN your circumstances, and God will move you OUT of your circumstances!

Lastly, stop using time as your way out of achieving your dream. "It's too late!" "I should have went to school 5 years ago!" "I can't change jobs now, because I've invested too much time into this one!" "If I go back to school, I'll be 40 before I'm able to become a doctor."  STOP IT! The reality is, time is going to pass by with or without you. My point is, 10 years is going to pass by regardless if you work towards your dream or not. FOR ME, I want something to show for the time I'm here on this earth!

I'm really unsure who this is for, but I'm the messenger that time is going to work for you. As you start doing the very things that your heart desire, your will regain your time, your energy, and your passion!

Sis, I pray death to comparison. Realize your journey is just that, YOUR JOURNEY! You may be getting a GED after 15 years, and 2 kids, but so what--Go For It! You may be 30 but your dreams of becoming a doctor just won't leave you alone---GO FOR IT! You may not have all the connections, but go ahead and start that business. Go for it sis. Invest in yourself. You're worth it, and God is waiting on YOU!

Grace is waiting for you to start walking in your purpose, so that it can provide you with "Rams In The Bush" to get you to YOUR promised land.

I'm praying that everything that's stopping you from achieving your goals, such as blaming having multiple kids, a demanding job, no time, and comparison of how others are doing things becomes irrelevant. I pray that something shakes so much in your life, that you have no choice but to pursue the things God has for you!

This may have been difficult to process, and more confusing being that you don't have direction. But please don't wait until you know everything. Go now and start working towards your goals, because it's a blessing in pursuing the very things God has planned for you! Grace will make room for you! Grace has made room FOR ME, and I truly believe there is enough grace to carry you into and throughout your assignment!

As always, I'm rooting for you and we're in this together!


Friday, November 10, 2017

When God's Grace Is On You

Grace- UNMERITED (not adequately earned or deserved) DIVINE (directly from God) ASSISTANCE (help supplied).

Grace simply means, not earned or deserved help from God. 

Brittany, how are you working full time, in school full time, giving your husband attention, being an attentive mother, cooking, working out (ha!), keeping your bank account out of the negative, spending time with your friends, and keeping your house together (Lord, HELP!)? I get this question so much. My response every single time is, "I'm graced for this season of my life." 

It's a lot. I get tired, but grace carries me day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year. Literally, some days grace carries me from moment to moment. See, I have learned to surrender to God's plan for my life. That plan is laced in grace. I'm a living witness. 

But let me tell you a little secret about grace. Grace manifest itself fully in the areas that God has assigned you to. 

Maybe, you didn't catch that. I'm going to say it one more time. 

GOD'S GRACE IS ABUNDANT IN THE AREAS OF YOUR LIFE THAT GOD HAS ASSIGNED YOU TO...not so much in the areas of life you put yourself in. 

How grace cover's me in this season of my life:
  • I had 4 discussion post due by 7 AM, but I needed to cook and keep JoJo entertained until JB got off work. I ended up not getting school work done that evening from sheer exhaustion, but I woke up full of energy at 2 AM and completed my assignments. God’s grace was sufficient!
  • It had been a week (or more, let’s be real) since I had enjoyed quality time with my hubby. I could sense that it was wearing on him and me too, but JoJo was bouncing off the wall that evening with no signs of sleep in her near future. A nice warm bath for her, a bed time story later, and she was out. God’s grace was sufficient!
  • It was messages in my email inbox I had not opened, and I had not responded to any of my friend’s text messages. That day, during my lunch break, I had a full hour of uninterrupted leisure time, so I responded and checked on friends. God’s grace was sufficient! 
  • I needed to clean everything. I mean, everything was out of order in my home. From, nevermind…ya’ll get it. Naw, I’ll be real…from over 5 loads of clothes needing to be washed, 3 bathrooms needing to be cleaned, 3 rooms needing to be straightened up, and the kitchen needing Jesus to come clean it himself, along with the wall scents needing to be replaced…I just could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. But THIS day, while JB was at work, JoJo watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for 3 hours straight, with occasional breaks using the potty, while I cleaned. My Lord in here! God’s grace was sufficient!
  • My attitude was on level, “not today.” I had not sat at the feet of Jesus in a while, praying or reading the word. But early one morning, with no reason to be up, but because I couldn’t fall back asleep I decided to spend time with God. I mean, the best couple of hours of my life. The weight of life immediately seemed lifted because my focus had shifted on the problem solver, instead of my problems. That day, I was a better person because of my time with God, and I’m glad he wouldn’t let me fall back asleep. He knew I needed him, and for that I’m thankful! God’s grace was sufficient!
Your assignments from God are laced in graced. 

As you live out his will, he will keep giving you the ability and abundance of whatever you need to accomplish each task. However, being outside the will of God will have you another type of stressed out. There will be no light at the end of the tunnel, and you will feel like you're going around the same mountain...over and over again. Getting no where.

The truth is...being outside the will of God doesn't get you anywhere.

So sis, I invite you to live in God's will, because his grace is abundant OVER THERE! You know those very desires that you can not shake from your mind? Start showing God that you are available to him, and watch him work everything out as your pursue his will.

You're graced for this season of your life sis, and we're in this together!


Thursday, November 2, 2017


Just recently I was feeling very overwhelmed. If it wasn’t the clothes that needed washing, it was the dishes in the sink piling up. If it wasn’t the bathrooms needing to be cleaned, it was the stack of mail/bills I had yet to open and shred. And lastly for my married folks, if it wasn’t my daughter begging for my attention, it was my husband needing affection. I meannnnnn….I just could not get with the program, and it started to truly weigh on me. Me being overwhelmed presented itself as me being distant from my husband, being short tempered with my daughter, not being productive at work, and me being straight up exhausted daily (literally could not wait to get in the bed daily).

As I prayed this one particular day, I just cried and told God how tired I was and that my expression of being overwhelmed was turning me into someone I didn’t like.

“Nothing is new under the sun” is what my spirit echoed.

You see, this isn’t my first rodeo with being overwhelmed. I juggle a lot on a weekly basis, but what started to happen was that the things I use to do to maintain order and functionality in my life, I wasn’t doing anymore.

I began to ponder on what actually overwhelms me, and consistently in my life it’s these things:
·      Clutter (whether it’s dirty clothes piled in the bathroom, my purse being full of useless things, or my car having trash in it)
·      Not having a to-do list (It’s just something about getting that list out of my head and on a sheet of paper that sets me free)
·      Spending money excessively (BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET!!! My family can buy whatever we want as long as it is PLANNED! If not, that really bothers me, now.)
·      Not Having My Quiet Time (Listen, I need Jesus. And for some reason, I will go weeks without picking up my bible, and wonder why my life is falling apart. It’s so so simple. To function at my best, I need to be connected to the best, and that’s my Lord and Savior Jesus.)
·      Gossiping (…or randomly telling my business to a co-worker….I know then that something is off with me)

Nothing is new under the sun….

I had to get back to what works FOR ME.

            For clutter, I have specific days during the week that I clean certain things around the house to keep the house from getting dirty. Sticking to this list makes me feel accomplished and productive.
            As far as my to-do list, it’s important for me to write this list AFTER I pray, and BEFORE I go to bed at night. The most important things seem to get on the list, and a full day of productivity occurs when I do this daily.
            For my family, meeting twice a month (around paydays) is when we have the most productive talks about money and how our money should be budgeted that month. When we have these family meetings, excessive spending typically doesn’t occur that month.
            When I stick to a consistent plan to spend time with God daily, I truly have peace about life, and I’m often not overwhelmed. I could be in the middle of a “storm” but still feel God’s guidance and covering over me when I spend consistent time with him.
            Lastly, I journal to keep from gossiping and venting so much. If I’ve already written it down, there’s typically no reason to bring up whatever it is that was bothering me. Everywhere I go, I have a journal nearby (usually in my purse or school bag).

My list that makes me overwhelmed may not be your list, and my ways of maintaining my peace may not be your way of keeping peace in your life. My only prayer sis, is that you get back to that place of peace by consistently doing the very things that bring you peace.

Being overwhelmed isn’t “normal.” It’s an indication that something isn’t right within or around you. An indication that you need to take action (or a different action).

And remember sis, once you start doing the very things that bring you peace, and you find yourself still overwhelmed, reach out for help. You just may need to talk to a counselor, because what you may be identifying as “being overwhelmed” may be depression or anxiety.

(This is what came out of my purse this past week...smh! Do you know the frustration of finding a chapstick in this type of clutter in a purse?! smh) 

I’m rooting for you and we’re in this together! 



Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Dream #1

I was walking through a grocery store with my 2 year-old daughter. As we were walking and holding hands, all of a sudden I felt a lump in my throat and could barely breathe. I stopped in the middle of the grocery store, and was able to take a deep enough breath to get air in my body. I then proceeded to walk with my daughter, breathing normal, and I felt the lump in my throat again, but this time I couldn't breathe at all. I remember letting go of my daughter's hand to grab my throat, then I woke up.

As I woke up, I realized it was hard to breathe (in real life). My daughter (my kid is 26 lb) was laying on top of me, with her head on my neck. I picked her up and laid her in between my husband and I, and immediately the pressure I felt in my chest and neck in the dream, and when I first woke up went away.

Feeling Pressure? I don't care who or what it is (even if it's the closest person to you), MOVE them or REMOVE yourself. Do not wait until they do something else to hurt you, and do not wait until THEY decide to remove themselves from your life. YOU know exactly what you're feeling. After all, it's you that is suffocating.

Praying for you! 

Dream #2

I was in the passenger seat of my friend's car, as we pulled up to my house in my hometown. My friend's sister was in the back seat and my friend was driving. It was dark outside, but the porch lights from my grandparents' house and my mom's house illuminated the yard a good bit (yep, I lived right beside my grandparents growing up).

As I was reaching to grab my purse and bags, my friend (the driver) says "aw," opens her door, then reaches her hand out. I look up, and a huge dog was walking up to her, and when it laid it's head on her leg, I realized it was a huge pit bull. I screamed, "that's a pit bull!!" As quickly as I could say "that's a pit bull," as she was rubbing its' head, the dog opened its' mouth and had her knee locked in its' jaws.

I immediately got out of the car and ran into my grandparents house (not far-like 7 steps from my friend's car), because I knew there would be a set of golf clubs somewhere very close to the front door (my granddaddy plays golf in real life). I screamed and cried as I grabbed 3 golf clubs that were right at the door of my grandparents house and I ran straight to my friend's side of the car, and hit the dog on the top of it's head with all three golf clubs, as hard as I could, and it immediately let her leg go and ran off.

I gave a golf club to my friend and her sister, and then my exact words in the dream were, "It's coming back!" My friend was still in the car, but her sister and I were standing outside of the car, bracing ourselves with the golf clubs, as we saw the pit bull charging us.

I woke up as I was slinging the golf club with all my might towards the dog.

Sis, you've gotten too comfortable with a dangerous being around you. This is your warning. Stop pacifying bad situations with an "aw" and CALL IT OUT for what it is. You know what can happen when playing with "IT," but because it hasn't hurt you YET, you are pacifying the situation. It's literally only seconds away from trying to steal God's purpose from you!

Call things out for what they are.
Do what the Holy Spirit is instructing you to do.
Now have faith that God got you, and TAKE ACTION!

Deuteronomy 31:6

I'm praying for every soul that reads this post! I love you, and know that it's time NOW to let some things (eating habits, foul mouth, gossiping, pettiness, and bad habits) and people (family members, friends, and acquaintances who serve you no good) GO.

And remember this sis, when you let go/remove yourself, and take GODLY won't be losing (even though it may feel like it). God is going to give you everything you need, as you trust him (and give you more-check God's track record in the book of Job).


-Brittany Bradley 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unplanned Trials of Life: The Story Behind The Photo

One Saturday morning, I posted a photo that my husband took of me from our date night. Now, I have decided to share the story behind that photo. 

Monday of that week was the start of Spring Break in graduate school for me. After working all day, I finally had a week where I could go straight home and spend time with my husband and 2 year-old baby girl. No class, late night studying, assignments to turn in, or chapters to read that week. I had simply planned for the family to cook, catch up on tv shows, hang out with friends we hadn't seen in a while, and go to the park together that week. Oh, how excited I was when I got home on Monday evening! I immediately went upstairs and put on my husband's t-shirt and sweatpants, and ran downstairs in excitement about the homemade pizza and lasagna we were about to make. My husband was in charge of the pizza, and I was making the lasagna. 

Long story short, we ended up at MedHelp that evening, and I left there with 7 stitches in my thumb, and a tetanus shot in my left arm from cutting my thumb on a can of tomato sauce. We stopped at McDonalds for dinner, and said, "oh well" to the blood on the kitchen floor, and unfinished pizza and lasagna that was left on the counter tops, until the next day. 

Not the plan.

I went to work on Tuesday, thumb very sore from the stitches, but still excited about a week off from classes, and being able to go home immediately after work to spend time with my family. Sitting on the couch Tuesday evening with my family, I told my husband that it hurt to swallow and my right ear was hurting as well. I saw white spots on the back of my throat, and by 11 PM tears were falling from the pain I felt trying to swallow. I kept telling myself, "just wait until 8 AM to get back to MedHelp!" 

Wednesday morning, my Strep test came back positive. After a steroid shot and getting antibiotics from a local pharmacy I went home for the day because for 24 hrs, I was considered contagious. I ended up not going to work for the rest of the week, because even when the pain went away, my body was too fatigued to do anything. 

Not the plan.

Friday, my husband told me he had a surprise planned for me. After taking a shower, I walked downstairs and there was a makeup artist in our guest room/office space. JB arranged a makeup session for me to get all glammed up, and one of my best friends arrived to pick up JoJo (our 2 year-old). My husband even bought a little black dress for me to wear. He planned a date night to get me out of the house and for us to spend quality time together. It was such a perfect evening.

Finally, I was healed, and experiencing the "light at the end of the tunnel."


Friends, are things not going as planned in your life right now? Are you finding yourself saying more times than not, "this just wasn't the plan!" 

HOLD ON! There is something so beautiful on the other side of every mistake, pain, disappointment, and moments of confusion in your life right now. 

Nope, it doesn't feel good to have to go through the unplanned ups and downs of life, but it's something so beautiful when you HOLD ON, AND KEEP PUTTING ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER...even when things don't feel or look good!

That week I learned that pain doesn't last always, rest is necessary, and Jesus is constantly interceding on my behalf.

I believe that God is more concerned with how you get through life trials (unplanned moments in life), and not necessarily concerned about the trial itself that you are experiencing. 


God got you, and Jesus is interceding on your behalf for EVERY SINGLE THING you go through in life. 

I'm grateful for the beautiful picture (I didn't look like what I had been through that week), but I'm more grateful for the trials that anchored my faith that week. 


Trial- a test of the performance, qualities, or suitability of someone or something.
Regardless of how you feel right now, you're built to pass this test and get through this trial. You will see the light at the end of the tunnel! 

GOD GOT YOU, I PROMISE!!..and I'm praying for you! 

Brittany Bradley

*Special thanks to Shonte Baltes at Bon Mercy Beauty Bar who is located in Tuscaloosa and Huntsville for doing my makeup. Your energy, your faith, and your presence made my day!! You're such an amazing woman Shonte! You did an amazing job on my makeup!! This momma felt like a star because of you!

*Thanks to my friend LeKeshia Thomas for my jewelry in the photo!

*Thanks to our friends Chris and Quachetta Jones for always being there for the Bradley's! We appreciate you guys! Looking for an encouraging word and great recipes, check out my friend's website Faithfully Anchored!

*And lastly, thanks to my husband for being super man that week, and every week taking good care of your wife and daughter! I appreciate you getting me to the doctor, and praying for me in the parking lot of MedHelp as I cried from just being disappointed in what all had happened that week. And again, thank you for such a beautiful date night, and all the effort you put into putting a smile on my face that whole day! Literally, a day I will never forget papa!

**My family at JoJo's first dance recital! Love them sooooo much!!**

Distraction: It Will Cost You Everything If You Let It

Distraction:  1) a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else  2) an extreme agitation of the mind or emo...